Artist Bio

Tina Dille

I love to paint and create with an experimental hand that allows the medium the freedom to form effects that haven’t been planned or preconceived.   I combine this process or style with my passion for animals and strive to create art that has content and is unique in form.

I began my artistic career in Orange County as founder and operator of Dilley Ceramics, an artisan company that for nearly twenty years created and sold collectable ceramics nationwide.  Yearning for more, I returned to college and had the great opportunity to study under some acclaimed artists/professors and attained a Bachelor of  Fine Arts degree in Art.

Today, my artistic path has bought me to Tehachapi, and my studio and home are nestled in the beautiful mountains of Bear Valley Springs.   Surrounded by nature and a menagerie of pets, I feel fortunate to be able to express these wonders into my style of art.